Our Concept

The Opportunity

  • Capital markets continue to drive global wealth creation—$50Tr market cap for the US alone

  • Cheaper, faster access than ever before – 24/7, global

  • US households now hold 41% of total financial assets in marketable securities, the highest ever

  • With IRAs and 401Ks, individual investors expected to make choices on a host of issues as retirement savings is increasingly ”democratized”

The Challenge

  • Volatile, complex markets, with some of the largest market swings in 80 years

  • Large firms of all stripes push product, brands, extra services, and new fads, often with very poor outcomes

  • Most self-directed investors don’t have time, expertise, or temperament to succeed over the long term

  • Lack of customization, herding, poor outcomes over extended market cycles

Our Solution

  • Cut thru the noise to bring high caliber skills and investing experience directly to clients. 

  • Deliver results free of unnecessary biases and misaligned incentives

  • Treat your capital with the highest  level of prudence and care as we do  our own

  • Constantly adapt to regime changes  and new risks; stay accountable at all  times