23 Jan
Today's Changed markets / Introduction to Investing for Plastic Surgeons


Join Brett Andrew Janis, CFA, principal of Strong Bridge Advisers, for a virtual webinar focused on the needs and goals of plastic surgeons. We will cover:
  • How to achieve better success in today's changed and complex markets
  • Key investment goals for each stage of your career; a framework for planning ahead  
  • Major drivers of investment success and common mistakes
  • Your go-forward options and open Q&A to focus on your questions  
This small-group learning session is tailored for surgeons looking to hear from a seasoned financial adviser on how to set up and/or strengthening long-term wealth building approaches.  

The event is invitation only and you MUST REGISTER in advance of the event in order to attend.   We look forward to speaking with you!

Date and Time

Mon, Jan 23, 2023

4:00p - 5:00p PST


Zoom Link - Virtual Online


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